Saturday, September 19, 2009


Last night I woke up in the middle of the night because of my nightmare. It was horrible but I could not recall it again this morning..Usually, nightmare comes when I feel sick or get sick. On the other hand, superstitiously, i believe it happens when my power weakens.

Sometimes in my nightmares, I was attacked by water-leeches or mountain-leeches, and they suck my blood lavishly or often I was being chased by scary dogs. Yeah, in my bad dreams, I fell down from the top of the mountain but sometimes I drowned in the middle of the river while I was swimming for my dear life.

I believe dreams which are giving me an alarm or a sign. It might happen soon. When I was a kid, it was true and it happened as the dream did but indirectly. I needed to have some sorts of interpretation for them. For example, when I dreamed about snakes, I had a trouble with my friends.

But the interpretation of the dreams will be different. people have different ways of interpretation based on their believes, cultures and customs. When I say snakes, "la-pu" in Kachin, its meaning refers to heat or worry. It is a bad dream But Burmese people accept snake in dreams as good signs.

Anyway, I tried to sleep again. I had a glass of cold water. Then, I checked myself whether I prayed before I went to bed. After all I said a short prayer. I believe that praying is very powerful to protect myself from frightening nightmares...